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成立公司 銀行開戶 公司秘書 會計、審計及報稅 商標註冊 TVP 科技券計劃

Change of Shareholder / Transfer of Shares

Change of Shareholders

Transfer of shares

The current shareholder of the Hong Kong company sells all or part of the shares to another party (someone or a company). When transfer of the shares, it will include the “Instrument of Transfer” and “Bought and Sold Note” are stamped with stamp duty and paid with a fixed percentage of stamp duty. In Hong Kong, any shareholder of any company, with the consent of both parties, can carry out the transfer of shares or shares trading, and the share transfer will be caused a stamp duty.

Calculation of stamp duty

Documents required for share transfer

- A copy of the articles of association
- A copy of the latest annual return
- A copy of the HKID / Chinese ID / passport of the new shareholders
- The lastest register of Members
- The latest audited financial statements and management accounts
- Return of Allotment (Form NSC1)

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